Tuesday, December 4, 2012

今天去JPO, 路经 Indahpura 就决定歇下脚步,先来碗甜品再出发。到的时候,店里也没什么人,很冷清,总觉得少了一股活力。就连服务员也备受影响, 态度懒散,提不起劲。第一次到此,就遇到这样,印象不太好哦!后来才发现原来对面开了黑丸!早知道就过去对面算了。。后悔!后悔!

Friday, November 23, 2012

When one talks about Thai cuisine in Johor Bahru, there's only a few which surfaces in the head that will stir up my interest (and appetite). I had first hand experiences at restaurants in Taman Molek, Taman Gaya & JB city (*drums roll* yes, it's Carabao) and mind you, they aren't cheap. Affordability is a word one don't come across easily these days, especially in Johor Bahru. Sighh ...

I chanced upon the place couple months back, but am skeptical so it never brought about any second thoughts in me to pay a visit. As things would have it, stingy me spotted Groupon offering a deal at only RM25 for a fine Thai dining experience at Tera Thai. I jumped at the opportunity for a go at it, wonder how it will be ?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rooted just besides Aeon Tebrau City, the shophouses are gradually blooming with a selections of Japanese restaurants and cafes. Truth be told, it still pales in comparison to varieties and numbers from those around Aeon Bukit Indah vicinity. Nonetheless, JB Foodie still managed to unearth one gem from the basket - Cestino Bakery & Bistro. Decorations are simplistic, no fuss and dominated with an imposing portrait sketch of Marilyn Monroe. For me, the place works out to be a good place for some rejuvenating personal time, sipping on a cuppa with a book in hand idling the time away. Joints like these usually serve good coffee, tasty pastries and cakes but crappy food ... barring all my biased, negative thoughts, I hope I'm not right on the spot again.

Monday, November 5, 2012

其实我已经无数次介绍过亿家海鲜,只不过每次照片出来的效果都令我大失所望,坐在露天的位子,灯光效应也减弱了。幸好今天下着绵绵细雨,就改换坐店里。如果大家还是对我以往的介绍感兴趣,可以点击到这里这里。要是你对那些烂到惨不忍睹的照片敏感,还是别看好了,这一批新的会稍微好一点,将就点吧 ^_^


Saturday, November 3, 2012

今天要介绍给大家的是 JB Foodie 我的最爱 - 益和云吞面。说到他们,我就要回到过去,从很久很久以前开始。那时候 JB Foodie 我都还没出现在这世界,妈妈就怀着我常常关顾益和,就连住院待产(以前益和对面就有一间著名的妇产科)都是爸爸打包给她的。不知道是不是在妈妈肚里吃多了,注入潜意识,到今天我还是觉得益和是云吞面之最,无人能敌。不过啦,我带过几位朋友来吃过,他们也同声赞好!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

JB Foodie 我啊那天心血来潮,一个念头之下就决定来趟四湾岛半日游。驾了好久好久,飞驰了很远很远,终于过了Desaru,再来个30分钟的车程就大概到了。四湾岛 Sungei Rengit 位于柔佛的东南方,是一个聚集了许多鱼村的小镇-尤其是周末会看见大批的新马人来此,成群结队骑脚车郊游,享用海鲜大餐。从这里就可以衔接到Pengerang的码头,有直通新加坡的渡轮,方便长年累月生活在都市里的新人类,陶醉于片刻的乡土气息。

我先是驶过门庭若市的潮翡翠园海鲜,外面停满了脚车,电单车,汽车,只差没有三轮车而已。。哈哈。 讨厌等待的我,就决定去隔壁的佑记海鲜园,看起来不错,虽然少了它们邻居的喧哗热闹,但是我偏爱清静,不需要人挤人,你争我夺的场面。阿弥驼佛。

Sunday, October 28, 2012

任何一位道地新山人都应该知道Skudai驰名的卤鸭肉吧? 这里有三间不同的店,都打着卤鸭肉的招牌。其中一间叫为有名,很多电视节目都介绍过,可是我一时忘了他们店的名字,如果没记错店名是士古来鸭肉。那间是在角头的 (有两间,千万别选错了- 这家是在我今天要介绍的新海珍对面而不是隔壁)。我以往都是光顾这家的,只是那天看见新海珍的生意比它好,人又多,就决定破例一试。

Thursday, October 18, 2012

今天来到这里绝对是个偶然,原本我就没打算吃日本餐来庆祝妈妈生日,想安排去 Thistle Hotel - Glass Restaurant 享用晚餐。打了个电话,想问有没有 ala-carte dinner, 然后预定位子,可是却遇到服务态度差的客服人员,就决定更换地点了。

深思了很久,还是坚持要换一换常去的地点,每次都去同一家,难道不会闷吗?网上搜索了很久,觉得这家 Furusato 应该很不错,也听朋友提起过。好吧!决定了。。就这一家啦!

Monday, September 24, 2012

筹备以久的这个网页,终于可以隆重登场了!欢迎参观我 JB Foodie 的姐妹网 - OKGo Johor Bahru 新山行。这项计划从策划到后期筹备都不简单-尤其是在构思概念的时候。有什么是可以推陈出新,介绍新山好吃好玩的好方法,,又可以让游客参与其中呢?结果 OKGo Johor Bahru 新山行 就诞生了!

我们提供个性化的一日行配套-让你们享受独一无二的"新"(山)体验 ,不管是吃的,喝的,玩的,买的,一切都能在你们的掌控之内。依个人的喜好,先选择我们精心安排好的配套构架,然后再自行从OKGo的选项中挑选。我们主打的是精品团-为了可以更贴心照顾到每位客人的需求,我们每次的乘客数量仅限最多四位成人。

欢迎你们致电/whatsapp (+6597692591) 或电邮 (myjbtour@gmail.com) 与我们查询。



让我们带你体验不一样的 新山行

Saturday, September 15, 2012

In life, there are stages, and so does a blog. Today, I have embarked on a new chapter of my blogging passage, albeit still in its infancy stage. I remembered starting out a year ago, in a moment of passion, with no prior writing experience, trespassing into unchartered territory attempting to see what I can achieve. Up to this very minute, I am still learning through failure & continuously improving till I managed a significant footprint in cyberspace - just like how we all begin as an infant.

After much deliberation, I have adopted a new feature, in reality one of the most well-known icon around the world - Facebook "Like" button, to better place Johor Bahru on a foodie's trail over the Internet. Daunting task it may be, but I will slog on with perseverance, gather up a compilation to prep the anticipated millions of visitors. With the official opening of LEGOLAND, and impending launch of Hello Kitty & Family Indoor Theme Park in sight, I feel there is much to offer from me, as an individual and a Johorean.

There are a million ways to impress and leave a deep impression, but none stood out as bright as the multicultural richness we have come to enjoy as a community, something not everybody can experience across the globe. Food can be the most outright and direct channel to bring this experience to people, afterall who doesn't need to eat on this planet ?

Coming up, there will be further initiatives to promote Johor Bahru as a whole. Please stay tuned for updates soon & in the meantime would appreciate if you can show your support by depressing on the "Like" button.  
Thank you

We can make it all happen.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

JB Foodie 我今天误打误撞在 Bukit Indah 的一个角落踢到宝了!原本还以为对这排,稍远离中心点的店抱着不怎样的期待,毕竟驾车绕了一圈也没发现什么富有特色的餐馆。决大部分都是一些美食中心或人烟稀少的茶室,拐了最后一个弯就打算离开这里,另找他处落脚。好料垫底,都留到最后,发现了这家港式茶餐厅,看起来不错但是一向来都对他们不是很有信心的我,三心两意,要试看吗?还是继续驾走?折腾了一会儿,决定停了车,息了引擎,下去看个究竟。


Thursday, September 6, 2012

在新山人人都听过粿条仔吧,但是粿汁却非常少见,更别说吃了。这只能在邻国的新加坡才找的到。很奇怪,对吗?其实更加奇怪的是原来马来西亚只有这里才有粿条仔 - 我都从来不知道直到有一天我吉隆坡的朋友提起。这也算是新山的一项特产咯。

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Amber@West Restaurant is equipped with a state-of-the-art open kitchen where guests can watch their dishes being prepared live, by students from the School of Hospitality. Regardless of the students' relative inexperience, they manage to conjour up a magnificent attitude by putting on their very best to accede to each and every of our request. Imperfections are of course warranted in this case, and what's there to complain when you are getting fine dining at neighbourhood prices. It's a win-win situation in my opinion, bringing fine dining into the heartlands at inexpensive prices and at the same time, providing the young, budding chefs an opportunity to hone their skills.
这是有記燒臘的第二间分行,总店是在王后花园 (Tun Aminah)而另外一间则是在柔佛再也 (Taman Johor Jaya)。其实我从来都没尝试过他们的食物,这也是我的第一次啊。未光顾前,其实也不知道他的名气那么响当当,有了那么多分行。原只是看见他们的装修摆设都不错,而且人潮也蛮多的,就想来尝尝看。

Monday, July 16, 2012

食立坊,这名字在新山从未曾听过,但是一听就知道是卖吃的。有何来头呢?可以确定的是他肯定非泛泛之辈,自己在柔佛新山最旺的一区,Bukit Indah盖一栋属于自己独一无二的建筑。原来他在Nilai是享有名气的,不只这样,更引以为傲的是他们承办过第二届全球福建恳亲大会的全场宴席,坐上嘉宾还包括当时的马国首相,Dr Mahathir. 这次北京楼,新湖宾等餐馆酒楼,可说的上遇上劲敌了!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I've been to Moonlight Cake House on numerous occasions before, either for lunch, tea-break, dinner or just simply getting a birthday cake. On top of the numerous cakes stacked on display which one can buy off the shelf, they do take orders for customised cake as well. However, the cake is not the main story today, but more of their food. This is their latest outlet at Taman Austin which I went to today for dinner.
今天心血来潮就决定吃点比较好的午餐,不然每个周末上午时间都不懂要去哪里吃,吃来吃去就是那几间regular的。闷啊!驾远点,到二重丸吃吧!反正也有段时间没观顾了。而且说不定还有物超所值的set lunch。希望有啦,毕竟每次来都是晚餐时间。

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Friday, June 8, 2012

最近我爱上了在网上买特价固本,如果懂的慢慢去找,努力去找,就一定能买得到物超所值的优惠。这次我也是寻寻觅觅了好久,才被我搜出来的。可以说是无比的超值,因为平时一碟主菜就要大概RM10.00了。这固本才卖RM13.90 (如果没记错的话),就包含了蘑菇汤,主菜和店里小有名气的甜品!我兴致勃勃的就买了三张,其实我还嫌买少了,有点后悔。。很贪心哦!

蘑菇汤是没的选啦,可是也没什么好拍的,因为没什么特别,马马虎虎而已,足够暖暖胃,待会儿好"大开杀戒" 。

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where can you head to when you start to have craving for decent food in the old city centre of Johor Bahru. Located in the midst of old shophouses along Jalan Dhoby, you can find a little cafe boasting it serves "The Best Chicken Chop in Johor Bahru". Although I do not second that tagline wholeheartedly, but they definitely rank as one of the top in my list. If you still have some time to spare after the meal, you could head opposite where you can find a little Indian bakery, old school stuffs ! According to my Dad (he used to live nearby in the mid 1900s), the little bakery has been around for a long time, ever since he was a teenager.
肉骨茶,我不是不爱吃所以就少吃。以前我确实很爱吃的,哪个马来西亚人不爱它,当然唯独我们亲爱的异族同胞们没能欣赏。真是可惜啊。。哈哈。为了健康和身材理由,我立志少碰它了。。只是偶尔吃吃而已。 这家是我在网上其中一个驰名的优惠固本网站看到的,因为便宜,可以各选两道主菜,配菜和白饭,心里就想着买来试试看。而且也有一段时间没到Taman Sentosa一带吃东西了。

Sunday, May 13, 2012



Monday, May 7, 2012

Diversity might not be the theme at play in Junction10, but it does come with a few reputable cafes (just to name a few Kungfu Paradise, Paradise Inn, Toast Box) when you feel like spending that extra bucks to pamper yourself, or alternatively NTUC food fare and the kiosks lined across the main entrance to save up on the ka-ching.
Now, there's this new outlet lying diagonally across the entrance of Giant hypermart, it caught my attention and I had been wanting to give it a try since I last saw it. Seems to me as a fusion between Italian and Japanese cuisine, might not be as much as a cultural shock compared to a decade back but still, it kept my interest going. So today, I finally had the opportunity to give it a try.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Thursday, April 19, 2012

A casual dining concept for the chic & young at heart, where East meets West. It is a good place to chill out with friends over a plate of tasty Oriental or Western dish. It got me curious with its peculiar and cheesy name, looks like some cheap imitation following on the trail of the widely-popular animated movie Kungfu Panda. A check on the internet reveals otherwise, it belongs to part of the Paradise Group of restaurants, which has numerous outlets of varying concepts all around Singapore's prime locations, ION Orchard, Marina Bay & Singapore Flyer, just to name a few. Paradise Inn as introduced before in my blog, belongs to the group as well. Today, I've managed to free up some time after work and enjoy a chill out session with my friends at this newly opened joint @ Junction 10.
A little food joint located just a floor below Miao Yi Restaurant which I've blogged on 2 weeks back. Was on a food trail to look out for something light on the stomach, instead of the usual greasy, fattening food. I was undecided whether to take a step forward when I stood in front of eatery ... it was small, unassuming and the walls were littered with posters and newspaper cuttings.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

韩国餐说真的我也吃了不少,新山东边吃一吃,西边吃一吃,南端试一回,北端试一回,吃来吃去,口味都大同小异,就是酸酸辣辣的泡菜和吃了火气直升云端的热气,再不就是人参鸡汤,炒年糕,煎饼啦。。。真的有点吃到怕。都是我妈惹的。。。现在的欧巴桑也随着潮流,哈韩起来了!就连在家里,随时都会出现泡菜炒鸡肉豆腐。。。恐怖啊 !所以说我吃不腻是骗人的,人人看了会垂涎三尺,我却远离三尺。

Sunday, March 25, 2012

相信各位新马的食客们都不会对面粉粿陌生吧,它有干的,汤的,方的,圆的,长的 (板面), 软的,Q的还有最重要,好吃和不好吃的!Pheww, 一口气绕了这么长的一段句子。确实,面粉粿的种类就是那么多变化。本少爷就爱好吃和干的而已,其他的不重要,随便啦 !哈哈。

Saturday, March 24, 2012

这间店如果我没错的话,以前是开在大丰,ShowHouse对面的角头间店屋。不知道那里现在是否还有吗,还是搬到这新地点了。太久没在新山市混了,都整天待在Mount Austin一带。可能下次可以去大丰那里兜一圈看它是否依然存在。
I kid you not, recently dessert shops have been sprouting out around Mount Austin area. Drive along the main road heading towards Setia Indah from Sultanah Aminah Hospital (besides Jusco Tebrau City) and a tally easily brings the count to at least 5. I reckon the students at Sunway College contributes a part to it as well, accelerating the liveliness and prosperity of this area.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

"You went Deep Water for your birthday celebration just now ?" That got me pondering for a moment, "Where exactly is this new joint in Johor Bahru ?". The answer I've gotten was "Jalan Serempang, along the same row of shophouses as Gianni's". Ohhhhh ... and I was told they share the same boss. Interesting and that really got me excited, can it mean they are serving something with mediterranean flavours, that's the 1st idea that came to my mind when I heard of the word "Deep Water". Afterall, I've never had a chance to try but lust at some of those mediterranean cuisines I've grown accustomed to watching on Food Channel. Then came the knock from my friend ... "Hello, it's Sweet Water, not Deep Water".

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The cafe aims to replicate the American dining experience by offering their GlamBurgers, gigantic patties for people with humongous appetite. A concept of multi-layered burger that targets to challenge the expansive limits of one's stomach. To be frank, the decoration or menu at best, offers neligible hints of their half-hearted intentions. Their location wasn't exactly situated at the best spot as well, hidden between rows and rows of shophouses, within the maze of Taman Sutera. It's just one of the cafes among all the eateries, if you get what I mean.
Today is my Dad's birthday celebration and I was pondering hard over where to host the dinner. To make it special, it has to be a place we haven't been to for a while or an entirely new place, and of course the dining experience has to be top-notch. Can't be too shabby, I thought. Took me a while to pluck out 2 places from the air, Ming Court @ M-Suite Hotel or Meisan @ Mutiara Hotel. Of course, the latter is famed around JB for its exquisite, delectable dishes and reasonable pricing. The former though, hasn't gained as much traction as Meisan in terms of popularity but one of their selling point is the seaview and ambience. Food wise, they have exhibited major improvements over the last time we were here.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

我还是第一次吃这葡式胡椒鸡,会常常在Jusco Tebrau City路过可是都没想踏进去,不过还是听说过它们卖的葡式蛋塔和胡椒鸡都很不错。今天下班了,就决定到City Square走一趟,逛逛看可以买些什么给我爸做生日礼物,最总还是选择了买一个iPad2给他,那么爱上网的他一定会很开心的!买之前,还是先填饱自己的胃,安抚它一下下,不然怕买了iPad后,裤袋破一大洞,吃不下,饿着了肚子可不好。哈哈!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Japanese cuisine has never topped the list of my all-time favourite food, and I wasn't ever prepared to change that. Japanese food in my dictionary is all about sushi, sashimi, fishy items or something light in flavor, a stark contrast to what is acceptable by my tastebuds. Add on to the battered image I've had of Sushi King, Don Sushi, Sakae Sushi and the likes of those franchised Japanese restaurant, skipping the details of my encounters with them ... that's why it has never make it to my chart. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

恭祝每位朋友,新年快乐,万事如意,龙年行大运,升官发财,身体健康,过个丰收年 ! Lunar New Year, this is a very important occasion for all Chinese around the world, or quite simply THE festival for all of us. Everybody is in a jovial mood, buying festive goodies, pampering oneself with new clothes, accessorisng the house with LNY decorations, watching dragon dance performances and lighting firecrackers. Most importantly and deeply rooted within our culture, it is for family members to gather around, catch up on the past year and a time for visiting distant relatives and friends.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

After a considerably long drive from Johor Bahru to Muar, approximately 2 hours, I need a break to freshen up, food or otherwise. Somewhere I can rest my foot and reward my back with a good stretch. Since it was not exactly lunch time yet when we arrived, and couldn't check into the hotel earlier, I thought we could go for a cuppa at the hugely popular (or overhyped, in another man's word), Sai Kee 434 coffee.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

麻坡真是一个古色古香的好去处,其实去马六甲那么远,倒不如来麻坡走一趟。这里少了些许的“莫登”气息,少了那铜臭味十足的商业动机,到了麻坡就犹如松了一口气,暂时摆脱了城市的束缚,为自己充电,好让自己回到城市里再努力往前迈进 。

炒菜头粿 。。。 黑的 (添加了黑酱油),白的,到底哪个比较好吃呢?哪个比较受欢迎呢?相信每个版本都会有它的拥护者啦 。。。 看各人喜好。我倒蛮喜欢白的,菜头粿外包着一层煎到香脆可口的蛋汁和那微微的锅气, 再加点辣椒,那就完美了。

站在 Jalan Yahya 的一段,直视下去,仿佛透视着一道时空隧道,回到了我爸妈的年代。街道的两旁都摆有档口,虽说没一般 pasar pagi 来的长,但是也能够让我边走边吃个够, 满足一下下我那口福之欲。这一档老板炒的就很合我胃口,该香的香,该脆的脆,也不会太油腻,一切都拿捏的刚刚好。可以选择叫了,送去离档口不到30步的华南茶室,搭配着一杯传统香浓的咖啡。这样的早餐说不上是什么好料,但却满足了我的味蕾与食欲,对我而言,那就够了。
Rating: 7.0/10

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Most of the locals would have known of this particular fried kuey tiao (炒粿条面) stall, situated in the hawker food centre just beside the old Cathay cinema. Just ask around where's  旧国泰 and I'm pretty sure any locals can provide the exact location. 

Driving along Jalan Ali or 四马路 as locals called it, the countless people crowding around a stall, waiting for their takeaway orders betrays its otherwise insiginificant presence along the bustling street.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still threading along Jalan Yahya and with a piece of 面煎粿 in hand, munching away as I took my steps forward, a small little signage beckoned for my attention. “Laksa 叻沙”. These words are just all too recognisable for anybody, coming across it in hawker centres, foodcourts, on the menu of cafes, and even throughout the duration of this road trip. Tradition aside, it has proven how a simple, inexpensive bowl of noodles managed to capture our hearts, keeping a firm foothold in Malaysia's food culture. 不让他人专美,食材简单纯普的叻沙也在马国饮食文化中,占有一席之位,与许许多多富丽堂皇的佳肴美食肩并肩.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jalan Sisi for supper and Jalan Yahya for breakfast. Running in parallel and separated by a few streets between them, one can really spend a day in Muar without fear of getting hungry. Lunch is no big deal as well, the infamous 贪吃街 is just sandwiched between them, 真的是从头吃到尾.

The 面煎粿 I had today is somewhat similar to what is sold in Singapore, filled with grounded peanuts and sugar as its core, sandwiched with a thick & fluffy pancake. No red bean paste, no coconut shreds, just plain old traditional peanuts and sugar.

传统古早味面煎粿的制作过程,依然被这富有浓浓乡情味的城镇保留着, 并没有被时间的流失而逐渐的迷失了方向.

Muar appears to have transformed from a lively into a sleepy town, after sun sets into the horizon. There's nothing much to do especially into the late night, driving across Muar town, one sees all the shops closed for the day, with the occasional bright spots along the quiet, dimly light street. Mind you, scouting for some late night supper is a challenge in this town, or maybe its because we don't know where to begin our search. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ice Town ... Ice Room ... are they related in any way ? Answer is No and it got me confused for a while between the both. Ice Room is the cafe (part of a franchise chain) I visited one late night during my Port Dickson trip which was eventually accorded a thumbs up by me. Ice Town on the other hand is on its own, operating in the thriving town of Muar, Johor. The only common point between them is their signature item, Snow Ice series 雪花冰, a rather popular dessert in this part of the continent, with the ever hot tropical weather.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Nusa Bestari is a place laden with yummylicious food and chain eateries, and to think years ago this place was a god forsaken land. Today, it is one of the bustling township in Johor Bahru with well connected roads to either JB city or the Iskandar area (and recently Legoland). It is by chance that we wandered into the place one late afternoon, en-route back home, stomach rattling with hunger pangs. We thought policing around the shops along the main road is our best bet, and how well it paid off. It was a reward that got me smiling from ear to ear, "A truly satisfying lunch" I said.