Sunday, February 26, 2012

The cafe aims to replicate the American dining experience by offering their GlamBurgers, gigantic patties for people with humongous appetite. A concept of multi-layered burger that targets to challenge the expansive limits of one's stomach. To be frank, the decoration or menu at best, offers neligible hints of their half-hearted intentions. Their location wasn't exactly situated at the best spot as well, hidden between rows and rows of shophouses, within the maze of Taman Sutera. It's just one of the cafes among all the eateries, if you get what I mean.
Today is my Dad's birthday celebration and I was pondering hard over where to host the dinner. To make it special, it has to be a place we haven't been to for a while or an entirely new place, and of course the dining experience has to be top-notch. Can't be too shabby, I thought. Took me a while to pluck out 2 places from the air, Ming Court @ M-Suite Hotel or Meisan @ Mutiara Hotel. Of course, the latter is famed around JB for its exquisite, delectable dishes and reasonable pricing. The former though, hasn't gained as much traction as Meisan in terms of popularity but one of their selling point is the seaview and ambience. Food wise, they have exhibited major improvements over the last time we were here.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

我还是第一次吃这葡式胡椒鸡,会常常在Jusco Tebrau City路过可是都没想踏进去,不过还是听说过它们卖的葡式蛋塔和胡椒鸡都很不错。今天下班了,就决定到City Square走一趟,逛逛看可以买些什么给我爸做生日礼物,最总还是选择了买一个iPad2给他,那么爱上网的他一定会很开心的!买之前,还是先填饱自己的胃,安抚它一下下,不然怕买了iPad后,裤袋破一大洞,吃不下,饿着了肚子可不好。哈哈!