Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Japanese cuisine has never topped the list of my all-time favourite food, and I wasn't ever prepared to change that. Japanese food in my dictionary is all about sushi, sashimi, fishy items or something light in flavor, a stark contrast to what is acceptable by my tastebuds. Add on to the battered image I've had of Sushi King, Don Sushi, Sakae Sushi and the likes of those franchised Japanese restaurant, skipping the details of my encounters with them ... that's why it has never make it to my chart. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

恭祝每位朋友,新年快乐,万事如意,龙年行大运,升官发财,身体健康,过个丰收年 ! Lunar New Year, this is a very important occasion for all Chinese around the world, or quite simply THE festival for all of us. Everybody is in a jovial mood, buying festive goodies, pampering oneself with new clothes, accessorisng the house with LNY decorations, watching dragon dance performances and lighting firecrackers. Most importantly and deeply rooted within our culture, it is for family members to gather around, catch up on the past year and a time for visiting distant relatives and friends.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

After a considerably long drive from Johor Bahru to Muar, approximately 2 hours, I need a break to freshen up, food or otherwise. Somewhere I can rest my foot and reward my back with a good stretch. Since it was not exactly lunch time yet when we arrived, and couldn't check into the hotel earlier, I thought we could go for a cuppa at the hugely popular (or overhyped, in another man's word), Sai Kee 434 coffee.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

麻坡真是一个古色古香的好去处,其实去马六甲那么远,倒不如来麻坡走一趟。这里少了些许的“莫登”气息,少了那铜臭味十足的商业动机,到了麻坡就犹如松了一口气,暂时摆脱了城市的束缚,为自己充电,好让自己回到城市里再努力往前迈进 。

炒菜头粿 。。。 黑的 (添加了黑酱油),白的,到底哪个比较好吃呢?哪个比较受欢迎呢?相信每个版本都会有它的拥护者啦 。。。 看各人喜好。我倒蛮喜欢白的,菜头粿外包着一层煎到香脆可口的蛋汁和那微微的锅气, 再加点辣椒,那就完美了。

站在 Jalan Yahya 的一段,直视下去,仿佛透视着一道时空隧道,回到了我爸妈的年代。街道的两旁都摆有档口,虽说没一般 pasar pagi 来的长,但是也能够让我边走边吃个够, 满足一下下我那口福之欲。这一档老板炒的就很合我胃口,该香的香,该脆的脆,也不会太油腻,一切都拿捏的刚刚好。可以选择叫了,送去离档口不到30步的华南茶室,搭配着一杯传统香浓的咖啡。这样的早餐说不上是什么好料,但却满足了我的味蕾与食欲,对我而言,那就够了。
Rating: 7.0/10

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Most of the locals would have known of this particular fried kuey tiao (炒粿条面) stall, situated in the hawker food centre just beside the old Cathay cinema. Just ask around where's  旧国泰 and I'm pretty sure any locals can provide the exact location. 

Driving along Jalan Ali or 四马路 as locals called it, the countless people crowding around a stall, waiting for their takeaway orders betrays its otherwise insiginificant presence along the bustling street.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still threading along Jalan Yahya and with a piece of 面煎粿 in hand, munching away as I took my steps forward, a small little signage beckoned for my attention. “Laksa 叻沙”. These words are just all too recognisable for anybody, coming across it in hawker centres, foodcourts, on the menu of cafes, and even throughout the duration of this road trip. Tradition aside, it has proven how a simple, inexpensive bowl of noodles managed to capture our hearts, keeping a firm foothold in Malaysia's food culture. 不让他人专美,食材简单纯普的叻沙也在马国饮食文化中,占有一席之位,与许许多多富丽堂皇的佳肴美食肩并肩.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jalan Sisi for supper and Jalan Yahya for breakfast. Running in parallel and separated by a few streets between them, one can really spend a day in Muar without fear of getting hungry. Lunch is no big deal as well, the infamous 贪吃街 is just sandwiched between them, 真的是从头吃到尾.

The 面煎粿 I had today is somewhat similar to what is sold in Singapore, filled with grounded peanuts and sugar as its core, sandwiched with a thick & fluffy pancake. No red bean paste, no coconut shreds, just plain old traditional peanuts and sugar.

传统古早味面煎粿的制作过程,依然被这富有浓浓乡情味的城镇保留着, 并没有被时间的流失而逐渐的迷失了方向.

Muar appears to have transformed from a lively into a sleepy town, after sun sets into the horizon. There's nothing much to do especially into the late night, driving across Muar town, one sees all the shops closed for the day, with the occasional bright spots along the quiet, dimly light street. Mind you, scouting for some late night supper is a challenge in this town, or maybe its because we don't know where to begin our search. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ice Town ... Ice Room ... are they related in any way ? Answer is No and it got me confused for a while between the both. Ice Room is the cafe (part of a franchise chain) I visited one late night during my Port Dickson trip which was eventually accorded a thumbs up by me. Ice Town on the other hand is on its own, operating in the thriving town of Muar, Johor. The only common point between them is their signature item, Snow Ice series 雪花冰, a rather popular dessert in this part of the continent, with the ever hot tropical weather.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Nusa Bestari is a place laden with yummylicious food and chain eateries, and to think years ago this place was a god forsaken land. Today, it is one of the bustling township in Johor Bahru with well connected roads to either JB city or the Iskandar area (and recently Legoland). It is by chance that we wandered into the place one late afternoon, en-route back home, stomach rattling with hunger pangs. We thought policing around the shops along the main road is our best bet, and how well it paid off. It was a reward that got me smiling from ear to ear, "A truly satisfying lunch" I said.