Thursday, January 12, 2012

Most of the locals would have known of this particular fried kuey tiao (炒粿条面) stall, situated in the hawker food centre just beside the old Cathay cinema. Just ask around where's  旧国泰 and I'm pretty sure any locals can provide the exact location. 

Driving along Jalan Ali or 四马路 as locals called it, the countless people crowding around a stall, waiting for their takeaway orders betrays its otherwise insiginificant presence along the bustling street.

Nobody would have disputed otak otak and delicious food is what catapulted Muar into celebrity status amongst Malaysians and Singaporeans alike. Just as is Ipoh to 芽菜鸡 and Malacca is to Nonya food, otak otak is synonymous with Muar, the unbreakable link. So there you have it, probably the one and only in Malaysia to offer Fried kuey tiao with otak 乌达炒粿条面, blending the specialty of Muar with one of the all-time favourite food of Malaysians. Brilliant idea, I must say. 

Just do not forget to request otak to be added and top it off with a sunny side up. Both are not included by default, and should set you back only RM1.00. For that, you get 2 pieces of otak and an egg ... worth it. I must admit the otak thingy is more of a gimmick but undeniably, the fried kuey tiao is good, filled with 锅气 and not greasy. Some I've tasted before, probably had enough lard to coagulate my arteries ... yucks.
Rating: 7.5/10

In the movies, superhero always has a sidekick and Mr Char Kuey Tiao here has one too, Miss Ice Kacang. Words have it that both always operate together, even before at their present location. Eventually things have evolved to pair both items up ... a plate of fried kuey tiao and a bowl of ice kacang. The ice kacang is mediocre at best and I'd rather take a few more steps to the shop beside and get myself a bubble tea (which will be reviewed later, cafe 27C). Rating: 5.5/10

Price: 7.0/10
Service: 6.0/10
Conclusion: Price is reasonable, food is great but attitude is bad ! I don't know if its the weather or continuous, piling orders that's affecting his mood, but the attitude sucks. I don't mean it's THAT terrible, but I can sense the annoying tone and look on his face, when I can't recall my table number while placing the order.

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Hawker centre along Jalan Ali,
Muar, Johor
(between Wetex Parade and the old Cathay cinema)

Operating hours: 10:00AM - 5:00PM 
(closed on Tuesday)

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