Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hidden along the row of shophouses in Taman Molek, Han BBQ is a lesser known sibling to the famous restaurants around. I called it famous simply because the place is crowded and has earned some rave reviews from my relatives who visited it. Let's see how it fares in comparison to my own taste buds.

Let's talk about the 1st impression it gave me, place is buzzling with people, not very cold and well ventilated, and their lack of staffs. It's very obvious they need an increase in manpower, with the amount of customers filling up the place.

Typical of all Korean restaurants, they will serve up a series of their appetizers while we wait for the main. The usual appetizers.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

This is my second visit to Watami. I remember my first visit was at Raffles City, a meet-up with PL and Sam. It's probably a few months back but the impression is still deeply engraved into my head. The decorations were wonderful, ambience is great, food is good and prices reasonable.

I had a chance this time round to check out their other outlet at Junction 8. It took me quite a while to find this outlet, was kinda lost while trying to seek it out. It's my first time at Junction 8 afterall, the whole place is like a maze ! But I still managed to find it eventually...phewww...I'm feeling so hungry by the time I found the place. This outlet is less spacious and decorations were nothing compared to the one at Raffles City. Btw, you will know what I mean later when I said prices are reasonable...

Friday, April 22, 2011

I came across this place from one of my friend's check-in via Facebook. I thought I can check out this new place since my family ran out of ideas where to go for lunch today. The place is not hard to find but due to its location, parking is scarce. That did not deter us from dropping by and luckily it's a trip worth the effort. They offered a variety of claypot rice/noodles and also serves some other ala carte dishes.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

(Latest review available here) In this post, I'll bring to you a new set of pictures with better quality on my 2nd visit to 亿家海鲜. Ever since my first visit there, I have been mesmerised by it and couldn't help but visit it in a short period of time again. This time round we were early for dinner, around 6pm but the place is already half filled. They really do have a very prosperous business.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

(Latest review available here) My mum was first introduced to this place by our relatives. They have been here umpteen times and has only good praise for its food and the reasonable pricing. We decided to head over after my work and try it out on a weekday, thinking it would be less crowded. How wrong we are about it, the business is bustling with crowds waiting in anticipation for their amazing sight considering most of the restaurants out there would be barren and void of patrons (if any, it will be few and far), with the exception of hawker centres.

Pardon the poor quality pictures in this posting as we were seated alfresco style, with limited lighting options to aid in the photo taking. Fret not, there will be another post coming soon that will provide pictures with much better clarity.

Look at the crowd'm impressed. They are enjoying a brisk business with the throng of patrons dining here (on a weekday).

Help needed !!! We are experiencing a very hot afternoon here in Malaysia. The scorching hot sun is making us look for an alternative to sit back and relax on a Saturday, before finally deciding to settle down at Baskin Robbins, the nearest outlet to my Dad's office.

I ordered a single scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup and ground nuts.

Friday, April 8, 2011

This is my 1st time to Orchard Central and I'm surprised at the escalators that seem to stretch to the sky ... very long indeed. Recap from my memories, I have never ever stepped onto an escalator that span multiple floors of a building. We were supposed to grab a meal at Ootoya but it is packed to the brim, loads and loads of people enjoying their dinner after a long day at work. Waiting time is about 15min but since I need to get home early, we decide to dine elsewhere.

A very nice view of Centrepoint, while travelling up the seemingly endless escalator. It's really quite a visual experience.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I've heard from the locals of Muar, that this stall selling rojak and 五香 is very popular. The queue gets extremely during and after lunch hours. Actually, we visited this place the day before but was disappointed to find out that it was already closed for the day. We reached about 5pm but isn't that the time when people starts to gather for afternoon tea sessions ? Maybe the business is really so good that it was all sold out after lunch hours.

This is the stall selling the 五香. The stall beside it is selling the rojak but I believe both of the stalls are actually operated by the same owner.
Just to provide a quick walkthrough as this wasn't the main highlight for our breakfast but since we woke up early, decided to head somewhere for a munch. Went to a warung for roti prata, nasi lemak, teh tarik etc ... very typical Malaysian-style of breakfast.

Teh tarik ... kurang manis (less sugar).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Moving southwards from Tangkak to Muar, we reckon the journey would be less tiring if we were to stop by at Muar for a day before heading back to Johor Bahru. This is only my 2nd visit to the city of Muar and I am already amazed by the prosperity of their town and people. 

It was time for dinner by the time we finished the check-in at the hotel and a walk around the city center of Muar. We decided to drop by one of the hawker centre that is nearest to our hotel, Bentayan hawker centre where we were spoilt for choices.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moving away from Malacca, we are now heading back southwards into Johor. 1st stop before venturing further south, we went to Tangkak (45min drive from Malacca city) to have a try of the most famous food that has surfaced from the small town, beef noodle.

Seems like they have 2 more branches in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. Hmm...when will they open another in Johor Bahru ?
A traditional eatery that deserves a wide variety of piping hot dim sum. It is a no-frills place, none of those fancy decorations around. It occupies 3 consecutive shophouses and it can get real crowded on the weekends. Today we went in the late morning, trying to avoid all the morning crowd. When we arrived, what's left are the uncles/aunties that's sitted idly and comfortably, chit-chatting or reading the newspaper.

A pot of hot, refreshing chinese tea to start the day and to go with the dim sum.

After much hesitation, finally made our trip to Capitol satay celup for dinner. Was quite apprehensive about the hygiene of the satay sauce initially but still decide to go for it after seeing all the buzz about it on the web. What exactly is satay celup ? It's food skewered in wooden sticks, dipped in boiling satay sauce and cooking it. Same concept as steamboat except they substitute the broth with satay sauce and the food is skewered.

We reached just before dinner time is supposed to start but you can already see people queuing up, waiting for their tables. It is fully packed on a weekday and I secretly thought to myself that is must be one of those overhyped places again. By the time I leave, I'm starting to think otherwise and that I actually ate more than the person who suggested heading over for dinner, haha !

We went through alot of trouble to search for this place in the Kota Laksamana area, with a blend of housing estates and shophouses. Drove around the place umpteen times, searching up and low for any visible signs of it. As it turns out, we've actually driven past it a few times without noticing because they do not have any visible signboard in front of their shop. The only clue we've gotten is the BBQ pit they have parked in front.

A no-frills outlet where you get to catch a glimpse of the Sungai Melaka, while munching away sticks after sticks of satays. What's so special about them ? Well, not much places offer pork satays in Malaysia simply because majority of the stalls are operated by our Muslim friends. You should head out to try it, instead of the usual beef, mutton or chicken satay. Another thing that's special is the satay sauce, mixed with pineapples. Much more appetizing than the conventional satay gravy, in my opinion.

We made our 1st stop of the Malacca trip at Donald & Lily to have a quick lunch before heading over to check-in at the hotel. The place is open daily (9:30am - 4:00pm) except Monday and everyday you get a different selection from their Daily Special. Choice is limited and as we were there on a Tuesday so our choices were only either Mee Siam or Nonya Laksa. We skip the rojak though but I believe that is available everyday.

This place has been featured numerous occassions on the many TV programs, articles and blogs. I myself have been here a couple of times on each occassion whenever I visit the historic state of Malacca. Keep your eyes wide open because the place has a very small entrance which will go unnoticed except for the throngs of people queuing outside for a table or taking pictures. It has sort of become a tourist attraction and maybe also because of its close proximity to Jonker Walk.