Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just to provide a quick walkthrough as this wasn't the main highlight for our breakfast but since we woke up early, decided to head somewhere for a munch. Went to a warung for roti prata, nasi lemak, teh tarik etc ... very typical Malaysian-style of breakfast.

Teh tarik ... kurang manis (less sugar).

The nasi lemak w/ fried chicken is nothing spectacular. Very normal and the rice not lemak enough but I do like their sambal, with a pinch of sweetness in it.

Roti tampal - Roti prata topped with a sunny side up. The roti prata is pan fried til crispy but in my opinion, the egg is abit overdone. I like the accompanying kacang curry gravy, very rich in consistency unlike some that's diluted.

Food: 5.5/10
Price: 6.0/10
Service: 6.0/10
Conclusion: The roti prata and nasi lemak is alright, neither bad nor good. I have tasted better and worse ones than this but we just need a quick breakfast so anything would suffice, just to keep our stomachs from growling in the next hour or so. Price is pretty standard but I thought it would have been cheaper since we are in the outskirt of Muar town, or maybe we just don't look like locals to them.

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