Sunday, April 3, 2011

Moving southwards from Tangkak to Muar, we reckon the journey would be less tiring if we were to stop by at Muar for a day before heading back to Johor Bahru. This is only my 2nd visit to the city of Muar and I am already amazed by the prosperity of their town and people. 

It was time for dinner by the time we finished the check-in at the hotel and a walk around the city center of Muar. We decided to drop by one of the hawker centre that is nearest to our hotel, Bentayan hawker centre where we were spoilt for choices.
Truth be told, it taste alot better than how it looks here. Its messy because the stall owner did not pay attention to the presentation of it. She just chops up the chicken, roast pork and tofu and places them all on top the rice. Fast, efficient but not aesthetically pleasing.

Muar otak that comes with 3 different fillings to choose from fish, prawn or squid.

I love the char kuey tiao (fried noodle) here. Not too greasy as well.

Another round of satays ?! I still like those that I've had in Malacca.

A cup of grass jelly and soya bean milk to wash down all the food. Haha.

Look at what I've eaten just over a meal. Totally unimaginable ! Burpppp.....

After a heavy dinner, time to say goodnight. Just so you know, that's not me in the picture, just some anonymous couple.

Pictures courtesy of OKGo JB

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Jalan Bentayan
Muar, Johor

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