Friday, April 8, 2011

This is my 1st time to Orchard Central and I'm surprised at the escalators that seem to stretch to the sky ... very long indeed. Recap from my memories, I have never ever stepped onto an escalator that span multiple floors of a building. We were supposed to grab a meal at Ootoya but it is packed to the brim, loads and loads of people enjoying their dinner after a long day at work. Waiting time is about 15min but since I need to get home early, we decide to dine elsewhere.

A very nice view of Centrepoint, while travelling up the seemingly endless escalator. It's really quite a visual experience.

After walking around, pondering over whether to have Thai cuisine, Korean cusine or Japanese cuisine, we eventually still opt for Japanese food @ Tonkichi. An interior shot of the restaurant.

This place serves mainly Katsu (pork cutlet) sets in rice or ramen. You can choose from a wide selection of choices, how you want your katsu to be served a la eggs w/ special soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, miso based etc ... Naturally I'll chose the pork cutlet with miso since it is available on promotion (you get rice, salad, chawanmushi aka steamed egg & fruits), whereas the remainder on the menu only provide rice and a salad for set meal.

The katsu with miso set which I've ordered. I have no complaints about the serving portion, however the pork cutlet is tough to chew on. What's surprising to me is how thick the slab of pork is ! Much thicker than what you would usually get elsewhere. Maybe that's why the it is overcooked and I inadvertently hurt my mouth cavity while chewing. The miso just doesn't go that well with it, I still like it done the traditional way.

I thought the ramen taste better with its spicy soup base than the above. They should have been more generous with the meat and vegetables because for what I'm paying, I'm really expecting them to give me something more.

Food: 6.0/10
Price: 6.0/10
Service: 6.5/10
Conclusion: The dining experience is enjoyable, with an excellent view of Orchard Road but that's all it stops at. Quality of food is alright and with the same amount of money, it would have bought me something much more and tastier. For an eatery that promotes katsu as its main selling point, I would say they have much to improve. May pay a visit again but that would be its defining moment, on whether I would ever visit it in future.

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181, Orchard Road
#07-06 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: +65-62387976

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