Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This outlet was the 1st to open up in March 2004, followed up by the 2nd in Taman Molek on December 2004. They have since went on to open a 3rd and 4th outlet located in JB city and Johor Jaya respectively. Back then, it used to be one of the favourite hangout places for most people (including my parents) but I think it has since went downhill with the drop in the quality of their food coupled with above-par pricings. I personally has stopped patronising them and even if I have drove past the outlets, it has never occured to me to stop by for a meal or drink.
Wanting to experience an authentic North and South Indian cuisine by the Danga Bay coastal line in Johor Bahru city, in a chic and modern spacious interior ? How about 7 Spices ? The usual adventurous me decides to head down and try out something different from the usual fares of Chinese, Western or Italian cuisine.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some background on Mad Jack, they serve up a selection of Aussie & fusion food at heartland prices and stand by their low salt, no msg, no meat tenderizer, no preservative & no artificial coloring statement. They operate as a franchise and from as far as I know, they do have 6 outlets scattered around Singapore. The outlet I went to is at Bukit Timah, just besides the King's Arcade.

Cosy, quiet little corner tucked right along the bustling Bukit Timah Road. What a contrast.
To make things simpler for the readers of my blog and myself, I've decided to cut short on the lengthy and nitty gritty details of my foodie outing each time and go straight to the point for now & in the future. Introduction of the dish, coupled with overall ratings for the food. I'm contemplating to actually provide a rating for every dish. Maybe I should try to implement it starting from this issue. Hey, you have to start somewhere somehow, isn't it ?

Interior of the place. Looks decent and nicely done up with a simple and no frills setup. Rating: 7/10