Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This outlet was the 1st to open up in March 2004, followed up by the 2nd in Taman Molek on December 2004. They have since went on to open a 3rd and 4th outlet located in JB city and Johor Jaya respectively. Back then, it used to be one of the favourite hangout places for most people (including my parents) but I think it has since went downhill with the drop in the quality of their food coupled with above-par pricings. I personally has stopped patronising them and even if I have drove past the outlets, it has never occured to me to stop by for a meal or drink.

I would certainly like my future cafe to be dressed up in this manner. A nicely done up counter but I feel the seats could have been replaced with those that are plush and cushy instead of the plasticky ones you see in the pictures. They do have those sofa seats by the wall but limited.

Texas chicken with linguine. A best of both worlds since I am stuck in a dilemma over choosing pasta or chicken chop. The chicken chop tastes fine with a pinch of spicy-ness to it. Linguine is al dente but the pasta cream sauce is kinda grainy, feels like those made with instant-mix powder. Rating: 6.5/10.

A normal grilled chicken chop. No cafe in business could or should go wrong with this dish. Rating: 6.0/10.

Comfort food for my mum, Char kuey tiao aka Fried kuey tiao. There are those in hawker stalls out there which fares better at a fraction of its price. Period. Rating: 6.0/10.

Price: 6.0/10
Service: 6.0/10
Conclusion: Everything about Yew's is considered average for me, neither shining for its food nor services which explains why it always bypasses my head when I'm on the go for food. Price is steeper than average, food is average and so is the service. Or MAYBE its just me procrastinating and that's for you to find out.

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266, Jalan Persisiran Perling 1,
Taman Perling, 81200 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
Tel: (+607) 232 8015
Operating hours:
11am - 11pm (Weekday)
9am - 11pm (Weekend)

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