Wednesday, December 28, 2011

These days, a trip up to Kluang is never complete without a visit to Cincin, be it for lunch or dinner (refer to my previous post). The restaurant has naturally turn out to be one of the must-visit places for my family trip, besides paying pilgrimage to the infamous Kluang Lim coffee shop and yong tau foo (yet to be reviewed).

This place needs no further introduction, as I've done so in my previous post. It's one of my parents' favorite place for a luncheon, 忙里偷闲, shying away from the hot tropical sun. In recent times, that biased perception in me, of the Hong Kong cafes out there serving crappy food has also started receding with a large part attributed to Let's Eat. I'm beginning to see the light and accept Hong Kong cafes in Johor Bahru with a different perspective.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

(Please visit here for the latest article) Was dropping by to KSL City shopping mall on a weekday, after work to get my new wireless modem after my D-Link got busted by Zeus (The almighty King of God living on Mount Olympus in Greek mythodology, ring a bell ?) . The strike was so incredible that it had my telephone line fried and the adapter exploded ! Sounds scary eh...but that's the truth. I arrived home last week to see the remains of my modem adapter lying in smithereens on the floor. The lucky part, there was no fire outbreak and ironically, I had to thank God himself for keeping my house still in one piece.

So there I was, ending up at Re Della Pasta after getting my modem, feeling famished but not keen to head home so early for fear of getting stuck in the daily traffic jam after office hours. Choices are aplenty in KSL but this is probably one I would love to try and yet to try ... I'm always game for Italian food. The containers of fusilli, fettuccine, linguine, penne, farfalle etc etc dominated the outlet's facade, and that's what caught my attention.

The interior and ambience is nothing to shout about, minor decorations here and there but yet nothing to suggest this place serves Italian cusine. Besides this, another minus factor is the air-conditioning which doesn't seem to be functioning as expected, luckily they have installed numerous ceiling fans to circulate the ventilation, otherwise I would have stepped out immediately. Can't dine properly while I'm sweating away and suffocating right. Luckily, my threshold has not been breached and can still dine in comfort.

One thing for certain, their menu is extensive and it can get a bit mind-boggling to narrow down amongst all the pastas, pizzas and mains. Variety is good, a wide selection is even better but its certainly not authentic Italian food which they are serving here. More like fusion food, to cater to the mass's taste bud...fair enough but this isn't exactly really what I'm yearning for at that moment. Disappointment is definite but still containable, oh well just have to make do with what's available then.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's a weekend yet again, and that means dining out for us today. Nobody's cooking, everybody needs a break and that means eating out, and it ultimately means adding the count of reviews to my blog. Today, we decide to try something new, some Chinese restaurant that's just recently opened for business near where I live. Man, I must say they face a fierce rival, positioning themselves just opposite Hong Ming Restaurant which I've blogged previously about and had given rave reviews. That's some ambitious effort in attempting to get some bits of the lion's share.

Friday, December 2, 2011

What's best on a cold, rainy weekend ? Steamboat !!! Nothing beats having a boiling pot of soup at the center of the dining table. The most widely available soup bases we've known are chicken broth, tom yam or even with porridge (which reminds me of 田园火锅).