Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I remember blogging about them on my last trip here, and the review wasn't good coming from me, mainly due to the unforgivingly long waiting time for our food to be served. This time round, I am much more impressed by their eagerness to serve up the meal.

Bruschetta for a start ... laid with rich amount of tomatoes, companied with overwhelmingly garlicky and peppery taste. Nice amount of spices do enhance the overall flavor of a dish but an overwhelming dose of it chokes up the taste buds, obstructing my savoury glands at work. Rating: 6.0/10

Buttery milk white fish. Served with 3 slices of delectable fish fillets nicely pan-fried til crispy on the outside but yet retains that succulent and flaky texture inside. Comes with a great buttery mashed as well. Rating: 8.0/10

Price: 6.5/10
Service: 7.0/10
Conclusion: With the vastly improved service level, I am glad it does not have to be striked out from my list of dining places. Shall be back soon again to try out its other offerings on the menu.

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72, Jalan Kuning
Taman Pelangi 80400
Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: (+607) 331 1718
Operating hours: Daily 12noon - 10pm

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  1. Hi, I would like to invite you to a blogger event in JB @ Eight Lido. How do i contact you? You can reach me at

  2. Wow... bruschetta ! My all time favourite must-order item... but then again did I see burnt tomato toppings? Atually I think bruschetta taste best with tomato toppings seasoned just with olive, salt and pepper... and how about some balsamic vinegar for the dip ?

  3. I've dropped an email to you regarding the invite. Please check :)

  4. SG Swallow: Actually it's not burnt tomato toppings, but the balsamic vinegar. It's too peppery for my liking, a pinch of it would have been ideal.