Monday, November 14, 2011

Void of any enthusiasm on a weekend afternoon ? The next best thing to do is either lie on the bed at the comfort of my home or take my ride out for a spin, in the relentless pursuit for more speed or just enjoy a good afternoon tea with a group of friends, catching up on the happenings for the past one week. Well, I had mine last weekend with a combination of both 2nd and 3rd. A good ride out to Kulai along the NSE, followed by a dessert indulgence at Sweet Dynasty. Am originally inclined to revisit Happy Land but my mood decided against it. I felt it would have been better to check out something new, rather than expand on the reviewed.

So here I am, landed myself at Sweet Dynasty but looking at the time which I've arrived, I reckoned dessert would suffice for me. I'll leave the reviews of their food to my next trip, speaking of which they do serve a variety of local or western cuisines, as with the many many cafes out there.

The mixed herbal dessert 六味汤 and honeydew with sago & milk 蜜瓜西米露 both cost RM2.50. If I'm not mistaken, every item in their dessert section costs the same. A bit pricier than what you get at hawker stalls, but not by a great deal. Probably topping up the extra RM0.50 for a better ambience. As for the quantity and quality of their dessert, let's just say I did not feel shortchanged at the end of the day.
Rating: 6.5/10

Price: 7.0/10
Service: 6.5/10
Conclusion: Their selections of dessert (~20 different types) pales in comparison to its rival, U Dessert which has an extensive menu list, constantly threatening a tug-of-war in your head over what to order. The plus points for Sweet Dynasty though, is its greater choice of food and the exemption of service charge + govt tax.

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67, Jalan Kenanga 29/7,
Bandar indahpura, 81000
Kulai, Johor, Malaysia
Operating hours: 12PM - 12AM (Daily)

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