Sunday, November 27, 2011

On my every trip to Taiwan, there are a few items which would definitely be on my shopping list ... primarily 太阳饼 and 芋头酥. They are practically being sold in almost all major shopping outlets or even at the airport, if I decide to do some last minute shopping for gifts.

This time round, I've gotten a friend to help bring back some for me, as I miss the 芋头酥 ever since my last Taiwan trip, which another friend has introduced to me. I remember vividly that we had to travel to a specific 星光三越 shopping centre just to order it, as the branch is not conveniently located in any other malls. She opinioned that brand sells the most wonderful 芋头酥 that she has tried to-date. I've not tried any before to voice out my preference but man, it just made me fell in love with it that moment I tasted it. So this time I had to tumpang my friend to help me get it on her trip to Taiwan ... hope she doesn't mind the extra baggage back home :)

太阳饼 is a famous product of Taichung with its savoury fillings (a mixture of malt and honey) and flaky skin. This time, my friend has gotten the one from 太陽堂老店, who is one of those with a long history, dating back to more than 5 decades. As shown on their website, there are typically 3 ways of savouring it, either in hot water, dipping with milk, or simply just eat it plain. For me, plain would be great since I'm not exactly receptive to the idea of either dipping with milk or simmering in hot water. Sounds weird doesn't it ?

先麥芋頭酥, ohhhh my favourite. What attracts me initially to this is the creaminess of the paste, aroma of the yam and that melt in your mouth feeling. The closest description I can relate to is the Teochew yam paste dessert minus the starchy gravy. They share the same texture and taste. As with the taste buds for majority of the people these days, pastries also have to tone down on the sweetness and this is what I like about 先麥芋頭酥. I know its not overwhelmingly sweet when I do not have to run for a glass of water after downing a whole of it.

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  1. Can't find traces of them at home anymore. I leave no trails behind :D