Saturday, June 25, 2011

Although we were not living anywhere near Nusa Bestari, today we still decided to venture out further to explore new food. This place was advertised on the newspaper a while back, so my family plans to give it a try today. Luckily we noted down the address back then, and with the convenience of a GPS these days, there is no problem going to anywhere. When we reached, first question in our mind is...where's the crowd during dinner time ? Only 3 tables filled up. We hesistated for a minute, walked around to look for a more bustling restaurant but couldn't find any =_= . And so we took a risk, for better or worse still have to eat because we are just too famished to drive and scout elsewhere.

我回来了,事隔那么久,今天又回到了一个以前我和家里人都爱来的其中一间酒楼 (最强的是我们还吃到那位经理都认识我们了),又可以为我的部落格再添加多一篇文章了。已经很久没来了,因为搬家后就很不顺路,而且Johor Bahru满街都是吃的,在我家附近就有那客似云来的北京楼,天天爆满的亿家,韩国烤肉店,和很多很多数不尽的好去处。偶尔有空来吃吃也不错,边吃美食,边享受一下那缓缓的海风。每次在冷气房里用餐也不好,吹久了会风湿。哈哈。

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Truth be told, after having a few below-par encounters with the standard of food in Port Dickson, I'm starting to get skeptical about Jin Men Grill Fish. Afterall, I had to intentionally make a big detour from southern to northern side of Port Dickson just to have a taste of this. I sure hope it's well worth my effort, and things would have been alot easier to plan if they are open for business at least 6 days a week. On the contrary, they are only operating 4 days per week (you did not read it wrongly, they are only open for business from Thursday - Sunday).

You could have easily missed this place because it is so well hidden inside a housing estate, that I am having second thoughts when driving through the front gate as indicated on my GPS. Gives me a feeling I'm trespassing into somebody's housing compound. Just take note of a little signage they place beside the gate.
A late night supper treat for me !! We found this gem (literally) while driving around aimlessly at night in Port Dickson town. The place stood out from the rest of the shops, the only brightly lighted one whereas the rest of the shops are already closed for the day, so it's no coincidence that it caught our attention. Just like a star guiding us in the middle of the night.

Decorations are minimalistic in nature, nothing too fanciful but acceptable. It got to be one of the better furnished places around in Port Dickson, and not forgetting it provides free wifi too, a rarity in this part of town.
Feeling unsatisfied by our earlier meal at Kedai Pak Lang, we venture into Seremban in search of the infamous Seremban Siew Pau. For non-locals, Siew Pau is an (bun-like) oven-baked pastry with a choice of chicken or pork fillings (in char siew sauce).

Can you imagine we travelled all the way from Port Dickson to Seremban just for a box of siew pau ? I have to agree with them, One is Never Enough.
We dropped by this place when exploring around Port Dickson town. Our plan was to head to PD Eating Point and try out their western food, but the place sort of disappoints us so we executed Plan B, and that is to head towards the next nearby eating joint, Kedai Kopi Pak Lang. Doesn't take us long to find our way there, situated next to the jetty.

The food here is definitely overrated and I bemoan a wasted trip here, when I could have tried something better. End up we left the place highly unsatisfied and forced to continue our search for some delicacies elsewhere.

Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken is a disappointment, size of chicken is small and the taste wouldn't really set you asking for more. Huge huge letdown, after reading of some rave reviews online about the place and food.
We landed at El Cactus for our dinner, a place situated along Jalan Pantai where you can catch a glimpse of the Malacca Strait. It's definitely a cosy place to be, whether it is a date with your loved one, a girls' night out or even an after-work thingy. Tables are nicely spaced apart, offering the bit of privacy for the occassion.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It has been a while, a really long while since I have a chance to update my blog. All good things are worth waiting for, hehehe. I have explored new grounds, ventured outside of Johor Bahru to bring and introduce new food ;) So pardon me if I have not update my blog for about a month plus.

During my most recent trip to Port Dickson (PD for short), my intention is to check around for yummy-licious food besides the sandy beaches around PD. To be honest, during my trip to Port Dickson, the beach was a letdown and so was most of the food I've tried. Luckily for us, it all started off well and Weng Yin was the few that has not let us down in terms of taste and price.