Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Father's Day ! We used to freqent the place alot in the past, to the extent that even the manager recognises us. She remembers what we would like/not like to have in our cold dish combination, and would usually top it off with a free dessert at the end of our meal. It helps when you have a very chatty mum as well..haha.

A breezy area, by the side of the sea and there's the Tune Hotel at the background. Just nice for a tourist to take a short 10min walk and dine at this fabulous place. After your dinner, take a walk along Danga Bay, overseeing the Johor Straits and our neighbouring country, Singapore.

You should definitely give their signature beancurd (with minced meat) 招牌豆腐 a try. Deep fried tofu with an overload of minced meat, great to have it with a bowl of rice ! It has a tiny amount of salted fish mixed into the meat sauce, which greatly enhances the flavour of the dish. A must try !

Deep fried soft shell crabs with meat floss. With the crabs hidden under a big pile of meat floss, one would have difficulty guessing what it is just from the appearance, until you pop one into the mouth. For a person like me who doesn't like soft shell crabs, I enjoy this dish thoroughly (i don't know, maybe due to the meat floss ?) Sorry if the picture wasn't well taken, need to bump up on the shuttle speed in future. It's just taking too long capture the image.

I couldn't remember the exact name (虾球面线 ??), but this is one of their signature noodle dish too. Look on the menu for something that mentions prawns and eggs, and you won't go wrong. I do find the dish a wee bit bland, but you can always add on more soy sauce like I did. I would simply order this dish, just for the prawns and the eggs. Yummy !

Stir fried baby long beans (清炒龟豆苗). A variation from what we usually have, this is thinner and taste much more crunchier than our usual long beans. Nothing to shout about. Another badly-taken blurry picture. Sighhhh...

This has to be my mum's favourite, Deep Fried Cod Fish with Soy Sauce (油浸鳕鱼). I don't know what is people's fascination with cod fish, but I do not adore it. Taste extremely fishy when you accidentally caught a bite of the fats underneath the skin. Contrary to my opinion of this dish, my mum and brother love it to the bits.

Food: 8.0/10

Price: 7.0/10
Service: 7.0/10
Conclusion: I have brought numerous relatives and friends from abroad, and all of them were impressed by this place. Be it the ambience, the food or even the price, everything is just great. For people who have not yet tried this place, be sure to pay it a visit sometime soon. It will be worth it :) Highly Recommended.

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No.3, Jalan Persiaran Danga,
Kawasan Danga Bay,
81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
(Behind Auto Bavaria showroom)

Phone : +607-2388118
Fax: +607-2375799
Email :
Business Hours: Daily 11:30am to 12.00am

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