Saturday, June 25, 2011

Although we were not living anywhere near Nusa Bestari, today we still decided to venture out further to explore new food. This place was advertised on the newspaper a while back, so my family plans to give it a try today. Luckily we noted down the address back then, and with the convenience of a GPS these days, there is no problem going to anywhere. When we reached, first question in our mind is...where's the crowd during dinner time ? Only 3 tables filled up. We hesistated for a minute, walked around to look for a more bustling restaurant but couldn't find any =_= . And so we took a risk, for better or worse still have to eat because we are just too famished to drive and scout elsewhere.

Hmm...what shall we order ? Rendang ? Chap choy ? Curry ? Cendol ? These are some of the signature dishes of nonya cuisine.

Popiah for starters. A quick fix for our famished stomach, just to tide us through while we wait for the mains.

No scrimping on the fillings that comprised of radish, beansprouts and omelette.

Stir Fried Chap Choy is lacking in beancurd skin and vermicelli.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Rendang Chicken, with its nicely spiced redang gravy. If only they have more of the rendang mix for us.

This is one of their signature dish, Prawns in Pineapple Curry. Fully loaded with succulent prawns and pineapple chunks. Very appetising indeed but would have been better if the curry is creamier.

Steamed Beancurd with Shallots.

This is definitely the best among the dishes we have ordered for dinner tonight, Rendang Beef. Nobody would have guessed the beef to be so tender, tearing into chunks easily. A must try !

Cendol for dessert, anybody ?

Food: 7.0/10
Price: 6.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Conclusion: The level of service is where this place truly stands out. The staffs always put a smile on their faces and is very attentive to the needs of the customer. Tasty food, reasonable pricing and friendly staffs are the essential formula for a restaurant to succeed. I'm sure given more publicity through words of mouth, the place would be bustling with people in no time. A minus point, is navigating to the location as one can easily drive past it without noticing. A GPS would definitely be of much help here for non-locals.

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2 & 4G, Jalan Bestari 5/2,
Johor Bahru, 81300,
Taman Nusa Bestari

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