Monday, September 24, 2012

筹备以久的这个网页,终于可以隆重登场了!欢迎参观我 JB Foodie 的姐妹网 - OKGo Johor Bahru 新山行。这项计划从策划到后期筹备都不简单-尤其是在构思概念的时候。有什么是可以推陈出新,介绍新山好吃好玩的好方法,,又可以让游客参与其中呢?结果 OKGo Johor Bahru 新山行 就诞生了!

我们提供个性化的一日行配套-让你们享受独一无二的"新"(山)体验 ,不管是吃的,喝的,玩的,买的,一切都能在你们的掌控之内。依个人的喜好,先选择我们精心安排好的配套构架,然后再自行从OKGo的选项中挑选。我们主打的是精品团-为了可以更贴心照顾到每位客人的需求,我们每次的乘客数量仅限最多四位成人。

欢迎你们致电/whatsapp (+6597692591) 或电邮 ( 与我们查询。


让我们带你体验不一样的 新山行

Saturday, September 15, 2012

In life, there are stages, and so does a blog. Today, I have embarked on a new chapter of my blogging passage, albeit still in its infancy stage. I remembered starting out a year ago, in a moment of passion, with no prior writing experience, trespassing into unchartered territory attempting to see what I can achieve. Up to this very minute, I am still learning through failure & continuously improving till I managed a significant footprint in cyberspace - just like how we all begin as an infant.

After much deliberation, I have adopted a new feature, in reality one of the most well-known icon around the world - Facebook "Like" button, to better place Johor Bahru on a foodie's trail over the Internet. Daunting task it may be, but I will slog on with perseverance, gather up a compilation to prep the anticipated millions of visitors. With the official opening of LEGOLAND, and impending launch of Hello Kitty & Family Indoor Theme Park in sight, I feel there is much to offer from me, as an individual and a Johorean.

There are a million ways to impress and leave a deep impression, but none stood out as bright as the multicultural richness we have come to enjoy as a community, something not everybody can experience across the globe. Food can be the most outright and direct channel to bring this experience to people, afterall who doesn't need to eat on this planet ?

Coming up, there will be further initiatives to promote Johor Bahru as a whole. Please stay tuned for updates soon & in the meantime would appreciate if you can show your support by depressing on the "Like" button.  
Thank you

We can make it all happen.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

JB Foodie 我今天误打误撞在 Bukit Indah 的一个角落踢到宝了!原本还以为对这排,稍远离中心点的店抱着不怎样的期待,毕竟驾车绕了一圈也没发现什么富有特色的餐馆。决大部分都是一些美食中心或人烟稀少的茶室,拐了最后一个弯就打算离开这里,另找他处落脚。好料垫底,都留到最后,发现了这家港式茶餐厅,看起来不错但是一向来都对他们不是很有信心的我,三心两意,要试看吗?还是继续驾走?折腾了一会儿,决定停了车,息了引擎,下去看个究竟。


Thursday, September 6, 2012

在新山人人都听过粿条仔吧,但是粿汁却非常少见,更别说吃了。这只能在邻国的新加坡才找的到。很奇怪,对吗?其实更加奇怪的是原来马来西亚只有这里才有粿条仔 - 我都从来不知道直到有一天我吉隆坡的朋友提起。这也算是新山的一项特产咯。