Saturday, April 28, 2012


Thursday, April 19, 2012

A casual dining concept for the chic & young at heart, where East meets West. It is a good place to chill out with friends over a plate of tasty Oriental or Western dish. It got me curious with its peculiar and cheesy name, looks like some cheap imitation following on the trail of the widely-popular animated movie Kungfu Panda. A check on the internet reveals otherwise, it belongs to part of the Paradise Group of restaurants, which has numerous outlets of varying concepts all around Singapore's prime locations, ION Orchard, Marina Bay & Singapore Flyer, just to name a few. Paradise Inn as introduced before in my blog, belongs to the group as well. Today, I've managed to free up some time after work and enjoy a chill out session with my friends at this newly opened joint @ Junction 10.
A little food joint located just a floor below Miao Yi Restaurant which I've blogged on 2 weeks back. Was on a food trail to look out for something light on the stomach, instead of the usual greasy, fattening food. I was undecided whether to take a step forward when I stood in front of eatery ... it was small, unassuming and the walls were littered with posters and newspaper cuttings.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

韩国餐说真的我也吃了不少,新山东边吃一吃,西边吃一吃,南端试一回,北端试一回,吃来吃去,口味都大同小异,就是酸酸辣辣的泡菜和吃了火气直升云端的热气,再不就是人参鸡汤,炒年糕,煎饼啦。。。真的有点吃到怕。都是我妈惹的。。。现在的欧巴桑也随着潮流,哈韩起来了!就连在家里,随时都会出现泡菜炒鸡肉豆腐。。。恐怖啊 !所以说我吃不腻是骗人的,人人看了会垂涎三尺,我却远离三尺。