Thursday, May 30, 2013

听有些人天天念,不断的吵着。。“淡杯烫鱼很有名,很好吃,从以前吃到现在“ - 那赞不决口的语气,看着她,我感觉她口水全都要留出来了!美女是不可以那么失礼,没形象的哦!哈哈哈。。有一天就那么巧,正好要去附近service我的宝贝车子,就约了她一起去吃。兴福坐落于一条巷子内,就位于Mercedes-Benz陈列室 (Skudai)的旁边。


美女就去点菜了,而我就选择坐在里头,有点闷热不过好心的老板就帮我开了风扇,感觉凉爽多了。问了美女点什么,她还卖关子,说到了就会知道咯。好。。。我就拭目以待 :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

飞镖炸鱼粿条汤最近在新山其中一个旺区Mount Austin开设了分行,位于闹市的一角,客似云来,好多人哦!好奇的我(连同家人)也参与了一份 :) 食物真的很不错,我比较喜欢他们的干面,家人却喜欢炸鱼片汤。据说,他们的辣沙也是一级棒的,下次有机会再来尝。


Finally I can put pen to paper, a long overdue article of Re Della Pasta. This is my 2nd visit to the F&B chain, my 1st was at KSL shopping centre (you can read my article here). Gut instinct from the initial encounter was, Re Della can provide me with the much needed ammunition to conjure a decent review, with its extensive, yet creative range of items on the menu. It can be a daunting task for one to vet through it, facing constant bombardment by names of Italian dishes being hurled towards me. The constant flipping back and forth doesn't help and only adds on to one's dilemma. Having said that, amidst all the dilemmas and confusions, there will definitely be something in the list that will manage to tempt one's palate.

This is JB Foodie's second ever invitation to an event, this time by a well-known Japanese chain restaurant in Malaysia - Sushi King. The honor is all mine, to become a part of their special Facebook Fan Chat event at KSL City.  Many thanks to David, for making the effort to drop me emails and waiting patiently for my ever dismal response, without which the invite would not materialize :)