Saturday, May 14, 2011

There are 2 Pekin restaurants in the vicinity and we were undecided about which to go, with each on either side of the road. Eventually, we settled down on Daiman Pekin. It has been a while since we've visited this place as we would usually go to the other outlet at Taman Molek instead. Daiman Peikin is lined between a row of luxury bungalows and a golf course and you would have easily missed it, mistaking it for a residential area instead. Just drive past the guard post, turn right, drive along the row of bungalows, pass a roundabout and arrive at destination ;)

Btw, this place serves only halal oriental cuisines so don't get a surprise like I did when I attempted to order my favourite pork ribs with sweet and sour sauce :( You can't imagine how disappointed I am.

Friday, May 6, 2011

We made a reservation early in the afternoon to avoid disappointment, in anticipation the place would be fully booked for Mother's Day. This time, we had quite a number of attendees, including my grandmother and 2 aunties totalling 9 people. I think the staffs sort of recognise my family and I since we had been visiting the place rather often.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Decide to pay this place a visit upon recommendation from my friend, a local that hangs around the Tun Aminah and prides upon as being one. Haha. It would take a few turns behind the Sutera mall, running through some kampung houses before you will reach this destination. I was there in the morning for breakfast and the place is very airy and cooling, partly because of the gloomy weather as well. Apparently, this outlet has been established since 1973 and now it is helmed by the 2nd generation. There's just something very special about this place, it being build around and under this big tall tree.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

We decided to drop by TGI Friday for dinner today, as usual their business is brisk, service is prompt and food is delectable. Something commendable is their constant update of the menu, to bring us new food items on the menu or with their set promotion. A good move I reckon, to keep the customers coming back for more repeatedly. They have something new this time, named "Small Plates" each costing RM10.90 with 4 different items to select from (i.e. Broccoli Risotto Balls, Stuffed Mushrooms, Jamaican Beef Empanadas and Eggplant Rollatini).

My favourite, Beef Ribs with BBQ sauce. The meat is tender and falls off the bone easily. A very filling and hearty meal for me indeed, excellent food to load up with after a session at the gym.

I used to frequent this place when I was very young, going there for breakfast on a Sunday morning. Haven't been there for years, as far as I can remember. Reminiscing the good old days, I recalled the place wasn't what it is like today. Back then, there is no hawker centre but just a shack, everybody crowding under this big tree which is still around today. A very ordinary outlet that can be easily missed if not for the throngs of foodie like myself, waiting in line for a table.

Everything at guo tiao zi is about braised tofu, pig innards, eggs, pork, salted vegetables etc ... mostly braised stuffs and the most important of it all, the kuey tiao. I would skip the braised pork innards for sure.