Saturday, May 14, 2011

There are 2 Pekin restaurants in the vicinity and we were undecided about which to go, with each on either side of the road. Eventually, we settled down on Daiman Pekin. It has been a while since we've visited this place as we would usually go to the other outlet at Taman Molek instead. Daiman Peikin is lined between a row of luxury bungalows and a golf course and you would have easily missed it, mistaking it for a residential area instead. Just drive past the guard post, turn right, drive along the row of bungalows, pass a roundabout and arrive at destination ;)

Btw, this place serves only halal oriental cuisines so don't get a surprise like I did when I attempted to order my favourite pork ribs with sweet and sour sauce :( You can't imagine how disappointed I am.

Oh man ! This dish, 黄金虾球 is excellent. The mild taste of peanut butter, the flavour of the curry leaves and those tiny crunchy bits of all goes so well together with the prawn balls.

A very simple fried vegetable dish, 清炒奶白.

Their Braised noodle is good. Noodle retains that springy texture and the flavour is nicely simmered into it.

A favourite of my mum and brother, Deep fried cod fish with soy sauce 干煎鳕鱼.

Woohoo, my favourite Roasted Peikin duck 北京烤鸭. You can have it in 2 flavours, roasted duck slices with onions/cucumbers wrapped in omelette skin or eat it just the way it is. Just gotto dip it in the sweet sauce provided.

Diced chicken in yam paste ring. The yam paste ring is cripsy on the outside and yam-mi inside. For the diced chicken, it is nicely marinated and tasted something similar to satays. Overall, I feel the dish is abit dry because both the yam ring and diced chicken are deep fried. Could help with some gravy, maybe satay sauce ?

Food: 7.5/10
Price: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Conclusion: Being part of the Peikin F&B group as well, I am very confident it will not fail my expectations and indeed it doesn't. A good place to bring your Muslim friends along and at the same time, introduce them to the Peikin chain which otherwise, is impossible because the remaining outlets are all non-halal. Recommended !

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18, Jalan Pesona
Taman Johor Jaya,
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: +607-354 4775

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  1. hi there..
    i am looking for chinese halal foods and here i am typing a comment in your posting. btw this outlet was the only outlet that produce halal foods. good to hear that. and thanks for your review..

    1. you can give M Suite Hotel a try too, their chinese restaurant is halal too. Having said that, but their standard is inconsistent, most of the time its good but occasionally you get that drastic drop.

  2. i've been to M Suite. myb my sense of taste is not that good in terms of chinese food so that day, i felt the foods are not satisfying. btw thanks ya for replied..

  3. Hi. Is pekin sutera mall, halal?