Monday, May 2, 2011

Decide to pay this place a visit upon recommendation from my friend, a local that hangs around the Tun Aminah and prides upon as being one. Haha. It would take a few turns behind the Sutera mall, running through some kampung houses before you will reach this destination. I was there in the morning for breakfast and the place is very airy and cooling, partly because of the gloomy weather as well. Apparently, this outlet has been established since 1973 and now it is helmed by the 2nd generation. There's just something very special about this place, it being build around and under this big tall tree.

My favourite braised tau-kee (beancurd skin)

A sizeable portion of duck meat and braised eggs. The duck meat is nicely braised and flavoured but I personally fancy it to be leaner, more meat less fats. Otherwise, all is good.

A bowl of steaming hot kuey tiao noodle to go with the above, on a breezy morning. You can opt for a bowl of rice too if you are a rice freak.

Food: 7.0/10
Price: 6.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Conclusion: Enjoying a combination of decent food coupled with a relaxing environment is a great start to a long day head. If you are a diehard fan of guo tiao zi aka 果条仔, then you can give this place a try as they also serve the usual braised pork innards. Recommended.

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Jalan Kilang Nenas
Skudai 81300,
Johor, Malaysia

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  1. my fav duck store in skudai! i've tried several others in tat area. but this store proves the best, must try their large intestines too!

  2. Have u tried those at the intersection leading to pontian/senai ? There is another stall at Senai area, but they are selling 琵琶鸭