Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kluang Lim is a lesser known as compared to its famous counterpart, Kluang Railway Coffee. They serve many different types of kuih (or snacks) and brews a pot of excellent coffee & tea too. Not to be missed is their fried prawn crackers but it is usually only available during tea-time and not any other hour. Since I was there during the lunch hour, so it wasn't available but luckily they still have an assortment of kuihs to satisfy that glutton in me.

We ordered ondeh-ondeh (extreme left, with coconut shreds), tapioca cake (top) and etc ... for a total cost of RM2.50 only. Where can you get that in JB ? They all taste good on top of the extremely reasonable pricings. Excellent :D Rating: 7.5/10.
How about a cup of Hainanese teh-c (tea with evaporated milk) to wash down all that kuihs down your throat ? If you are not so much of a tea lover, their coffee is just as great !

Price: 9.0/10
Service: 7.0/10
Conclusion: Be prepared to time your arrival accurately, as you would want to try out their freshly-made crispy prawn crackers and assortment of traditional kuihs (and you will not doubt be spoilt for choices). Pair it with a cup of traditional hainanese coffee or tea and it would sum up your tea break, without even leaving a dent in your wallet. Highly recommended.

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22-24, Jalan Ng Pi Ton,
Kluang Baru 86000,
Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: (+607) 776 7618 

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  1. 我时常去kluang,都不懂有这些小吃呢!

  2. 是真的很不错,有机会去试试吧。食物传统,好吃,又便宜,在这年代已经很难找了。