Friday, January 28, 2011

Stop procrastinating. Start doing what I have decided to do, and that's to create a food blog, introducing the food in and around Johor Bahru :D 

Well, I just realised one fine day there wasn't enough of blogs out there introducing the foods we have in JB. Then this crazy idea of setting up a blog to document my food escapades just popped out of my head. Well, why not ? Since I get to dine out frequently, might as well just give it a try. Might be able to help my fellow countrymen from other states of Malaysia (and friends from neighbouring country, Singapore), recommend some excellent dining outlet.

Armed with my iPhone/DSLR, I'm all set to go !! Very excited about it and I wonder how far this blog will progress. Well, you never try and you never know ;)

Stay tuned for further postings :)

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