Saturday, April 9, 2011

(Latest review available here) My mum was first introduced to this place by our relatives. They have been here umpteen times and has only good praise for its food and the reasonable pricing. We decided to head over after my work and try it out on a weekday, thinking it would be less crowded. How wrong we are about it, the business is bustling with crowds waiting in anticipation for their amazing sight considering most of the restaurants out there would be barren and void of patrons (if any, it will be few and far), with the exception of hawker centres.

Pardon the poor quality pictures in this posting as we were seated alfresco style, with limited lighting options to aid in the photo taking. Fret not, there will be another post coming soon that will provide pictures with much better clarity.

Look at the crowd'm impressed. They are enjoying a brisk business with the throng of patrons dining here (on a weekday).

Fragrant sliced fish 干香鱼片. A spicy and flavourful dish..goes really well with rice. A must try if you ask me but the only qualm I have is the portion. Could have given more fish slices or maybe it is because I just can't seem to get enough of it ?

Spicy fresh clam 辣味啦啦. Another must try. The sauce is well prepared and the clams are fresh as well.

Stir fried Sawi Putih with garlic 蒜蓉奶白.

Fried Singapore bee hoon 新洲米粉. Taste alright if you like to opt for something else besides rice.

Deep fried squid 酥炸苏东. Very crispy batter and the squid is not overcooked.

Highlight of our dinner, Honey-baked crab 蜜汁燒蟹. My mum & brother is absolutely loving it ...

Food: 9.0/10
Price: 8.0/10
Service: 8.0/10
Conclusion: This place has earned my Highest Recommendation for its relative inexpensive pricing and fingerlicious food ! My family wiped off everything on the plates ... What more can I say ?

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29, Jalan Setia 9/17
Taman Setia Indah 81100
Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia
Tel: +607-359 7782

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