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Ice Town ... Ice Room ... are they related in any way ? Answer is No and it got me confused for a while between the both. Ice Room is the cafe (part of a franchise chain) I visited one late night during my Port Dickson trip which was eventually accorded a thumbs up by me. Ice Town on the other hand is on its own, operating in the thriving town of Muar, Johor. The only common point between them is their signature item, Snow Ice series 雪花冰, a rather popular dessert in this part of the continent, with the ever hot tropical weather.

Interior is conservative and simple, and the high ceiling does give one a false sense of spaciousness. You can't squeeze much people into this cafe, probably around 25 pax max. I even recalled an incident where a group of poor souls have to move right to the end, seated on a makeshift table. If I were them, would probably take off and head elsewhere for my meal.

Peanut chocolate snow ice 花生巧克力 雪花冰. I thought there was a mistake when it was served, I can see the chocolate but eerrr where's the peanuts ? The staff explained that its peanut flavored snow ice ... ohhhh I see ... "So disappointing", I thought to myself.
First scoop into my mouth ... second scoop ... and it goes on non-stop. I can't believe how good the snow ice tasted, extremely rich in peanut flavour and a perfect match with the thick chocolate syrup. Excellent ! Rating: 8.5/10

Super strawberry 超级草莓 雪花冰. This is a less mind-numbing experience than the above, strawberry flavoured ice (rich in taste, no doubt) sparsely decorated with strawberries. The small & thin slices makes the item on a whole look rather measly. Rating: 6.0/10.

Now for the review of its food. Dry curry chicken noodle 干咖哩鸡面. I must emphasize the curry chicken is not only good but simply awesome ! Thick, creamy, 真材实料, but no doubt a calories-laden meal. Bet they must have added alot of coconut milk into it. 超适合爱重口味咖哩的朋友们. 面是偏咸,但还是可以接受. All in all, I have nothing but praise for this dish, if you can take saltier food like I do. Rating: 8.5/10

Thai styled fried rice 暹香炒饭. Favourite, favourite !! I finished it up before there's any left for the rest to try out mine. Need I say more ? Rating: 8.5/10

Nasi lemak with curry chicken. Things I look out for when judging a plate of nasi lemak includes curry chicken ... awesome, sambal ... good, nasi lemak ... lemak enough., and Ice Town's nasi lemak simply earns a tick in all my checkboxes. Sedapnyaaaa ! Rating: 8.0/10.

Fried chicken wings. Well marinated wings and surprisingly, still retains its crisp even after getting cold. A plus point, it doesn't look and taste oily, unlike some which leaves a greasy after-taste in your mouth. Rating: 7.5/10

Updates on my 2nd trip to Muar

Matcha snow ice with red beans.

Peanut snow ice with chocolate.

Price: 6.5/10
Service: 5.5/10
Conclusion: Seriously, I can find no fault in its food but only praises for them. Anybody visiting Muar should seriously go check it out. All being said, the chip in its shining armor is their service. They should have hired experienced staffs instead of students on a vacation job and even then, training should have been provided. I enquired with the girls (yes they are all that young...not yet a woman), hoping to get an insight of their signature dishes but all I've gotten was a blank look. Inadequate staff training and a below-par service level, spoils the otherwise flawless dining experience. Still earns a Highly Recommended rating from me though.

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Jalan Pesta Baru,
Taman Orkid, Muar
Johor, Malaysia

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    1. Sorry, I can't remember exactly if they are but I don't recall seeing our Muslim friends patronizing it. My guess is they are not halal.