Sunday, January 8, 2012

Muar appears to have transformed from a lively into a sleepy town, after sun sets into the horizon. There's nothing much to do especially into the late night, driving across Muar town, one sees all the shops closed for the day, with the occasional bright spots along the quiet, dimly light street. Mind you, scouting for some late night supper is a challenge in this town, or maybe its because we don't know where to begin our search. 

We passed by this one little bright spot along Jalan Sisi, and saw cars parked along both sides of the road. Given a choice between the 3 stars along the road (either mamak, wanton mee or dim sum), its not hard to know why we chose it. We abide by the simplest rule of all, a statement proven to be correct countless times, if there's a queue, the food is good.

There are 2 variations of the wanton mee, either with chilli sauce or without. The spicy version comes without dark soy sauce as per below picture and the noodle is done al dente, retaining a firm yet springy texture. Coupled with the right amount of seasonings (chilli paste and soy sauce), the taste is neither under or overwhelmingly strong.
Rating: 7.5/10

The other variation to the above, with dark soy sauce added, minus the chilli paste. I definitely preferred mine spicy, but this is nevertheless good as well. It all boils down to personal preference. 
Rating: 7.5/10

好好吃的云吞. 口感, 味道, 饱满馅料,样样齐全, 实在没话说。 一个字 “赞” ! 
Rating: 8.0/10

厚厚的叉烧. No scrimping on it as well, look at that size & thickness. 没看过一间那么豪迈的店家.

One of the few bright spots along Jalan Sisi, you probably wouldn't miss it but in case you do, below should give you enough tips to find it. (Located at 佳佳咖啡店).

Price: 8.0/10
Service: 8.0/10
Conclusion: 豪爽,豪迈,客气的老板娘搭配着实实在在的云吞面,果然是Jalan Sisi 的一颗闪亮的星星. Highly Recommended.

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Jalan Sisi
Muar, Johor
(located at 佳佳咖啡店)

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  1. 卖象蛮不错。。。会比JB的益和云吞面好吃吗?价钱如何?

  2. 益和云吞面也是一间我最爱去吃的,各有千秋吧,益和的面有比较细而且偏咸 但我还是很喜欢!云吞肯定是谭记的好吃,饱满的馅料