Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is where it all originated ... the original Sze Hwa Bak Kut Teh @ Kulai, with numerous other branches sprouting all around Johor Bahru. Bak kut teh or the oriental version of stewed pork ribs has 2 variants to it, primarily the Teochew style with light coloured broth and herbs or the Hokkien version, which uses dark soy sauce resulting in a darker soup. It's more of a personal preference and I like mine the Hokkien way. 

What I'm having at Sze Hwa today is of the Teochew variant.

Before we start it all, how about a pot of chinese tea (Pu-Er) to get your stomach warm. You got to have 肉骨茶 with a pot of tea, afterall the word 茶 literally means tea. I believe chinese tea serves to dissolve the horrendous amount of lards we put into our mouth over the meal and to wash off that greasy after-taste. It works for me and I'll usually couple it with tea that has a stronger flavor, something like TieGuanYin or PuEr Jasmine tea is just too light to wash it all off.

Tender, succulent piece of pork rib that peels right off the bone. Rating: 8.0/10

If you are adventurous enough, order a separate bowl of mixed, stewed pig innards and pork. I skipped the innards and went for the meat instead. Rating: 7.0/10

What a hearty, satisfying breakfast, and a wonderful way to begin the day. With beancurd and you-tiao (deep fried dough) to soak up all the broth and send it into my mouth. *Drools*

Price: 7.0/10
Service: 7.0/10
Conclusion: I know its a far way to travel to Kulai just to have a bowl of bak kut teh, considering its located on the far outskirt of Johor Bahru but I have no regrets about it. Very nostalgic experience, with uncles/aunties sitting around, leisurely reading the newspaper and in contrast to the hectic dining habit of typical city dwellers. Recommended.

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3, Jalan Seruling 1,
Taman Sri Kulai 81000, Kulai
Johor, Malaysia
Tel: 012-7759780
Operating Hour: 8am-2pm / 4.30pm-10pm

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