Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today I'm going to cut short the whole "storytelling" process, and get straight to the point. Skipping all the blah-blah-blah thingy ;) I reckon people would be more keen on the food review rather than what is going on with my personal life, AND since this is a food blog and not my diary.

All right, let's head down straight to the food :D

This is the appetizer that was served. It's fried beancurd and ikan bilis with sweet & sour sauce. One would expect the usual to be served (i.e. peanuts, pickled vegetables) though. Just can't stop myself going for more of those tiny, crispy beancurds.

Tofu in abalone sauce. It's a rather plain dish, few pieces of tofu garnished with some greens. I would prefer something with abit more ingredients, like claypot tofu ?

"Personal size" cold plate combo. This is much more expensive than the usual cold plate combo which everybody at the table gets to share. If I don't remember wrongly, its RM18 per serving. Freaking expensive if you ask me. I have no idea what the first 2 items are and there's nothing special about it. Last item in the picture, its abalone in thai sauce but it ruins the natural flavour of abalone with this mixture of spicy sauce, onions and peanuts.

Pork ribs with sweet & sour sauce. Have introduced this dish in my previous post. Still remains a favourite of my bro and I. A must order for the both of us. Yummy.

Some greens with a fanciful name to it, can't remember exactly what it is though.They look like scallions but they are not and texture is kinda slimy and chewy. Certainly taste much better than scallions because I personally hate it !

Deep fried cod fish in golden sauce. The "golden" sauce is actually a mixture of salted egg yolk and mayonnaise, with a grainy texture to it. I reckon it's due to the salted egg yolk. Nonetheless, a refreshing combination and it's worth a try.

Fried vermicelli and glass noodle. It's a wonderful combination, don't you think so ? Vermicelli is mashy and glass noodle is too chewy when cooked on its own, so the best way is to add both and fry them up. Result is a dish that has just the right consistency and texture to it. Not bad.

Alas, the dessert. Yam paste with gingko nuts & pumpkin. Sorry if it looks messed up in the picture, but I assure you it taste better than it looks :) 

 7 dishes with only 4 person !? You bet it is a very satisfying, yet sinful meal. Got to hit the gym later after this sumptous lunch. The bill...RM220. Not that expensive considering the number of dishes we've ordered.

Food: 8/10
Price: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Conclusion: As highlighted previously. Highly recommended !

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