Saturday, March 26, 2011

I was first introduced to this stall by a friend of mine, still remember vividly that it was after work that we met up for dinner. Back then, the stall is located at Commonwealth Ave Food Centre, which is a stone throw away from their current new outlet. Somehow, I just enjoy having chicken..steamed chicken to be exact, dipped in the mixture of chilli and ginger paste with a generous dressing of dark soy sauce. Nice !!!

Well, today I wasn't supposed to be here for lunch, not at this hour of the day but somehow my colleagues and I have managed to find a way to get ourselves "lost", en route to our company's teambuilding at Sentosa. Haha ! Seems like this stall is really famous in Singapore, they still have photos up on the wall which was taken with the current President of Singapore.

One of the single most important ingredients, the chilli paste has to be good ! I love mine with loads of ginger paste and dark soya sauce.

The meat is tender but I find it abit undercooked for my liking. Their accompanying soy sauce is too oily.

The rice is fragrant and I like it just the way it is, not too soggy nor too hard.

Look at what we've ordered ... still managed to finish them all off. You can see the poached chicken innards and chicken feet skin, none of which I'm keen to try. Haha ... something too adventurous for me.

Food: 6.0/10
Price: 6.5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Conclusion: An above average chicken stall, and there are certainly better chicken rice stalls out there. I have no doubt this stall would have some loyal fans as well. The major letdown for me would be the undercooked steamed chicken and its overly oily soy sauce.

Blk 38, Commonwealth Avenue

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  1. Standard has dropped... prices have gone up... and the only thing I miss now is the ginger paste and chilli paste...