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恭祝每位朋友,新年快乐,万事如意,龙年行大运,升官发财,身体健康,过个丰收年 ! Lunar New Year, this is a very important occasion for all Chinese around the world, or quite simply THE festival for all of us. Everybody is in a jovial mood, buying festive goodies, pampering oneself with new clothes, accessorisng the house with LNY decorations, watching dragon dance performances and lighting firecrackers. Most importantly and deeply rooted within our culture, it is for family members to gather around, catch up on the past year and a time for visiting distant relatives and friends.

Besides the above mentioned, Lunar New Year is never complete without a sumptuous feast, a tradition that has remained unchanged. The core of it stays but time has certainly evolutionised things ... Half a century ago, one can only catch a glimpse of chicken or duck on their dining table during such festive occasion, a luxury item at that time. My parents were telling me of how they were appreciative and truly joyful of such a treat. It certainly meant a whole lot more to them than it was to us now, while I was fortunate enough to live in an era of abundance ... and so the LNY has lost that bit of glimmer, that bit of meaning to us younger generations. 

A feast is never complete with Prosperity Yu Sheng 发财鱼生. 捞个风生水起,讨个彩头, topped with salmon sashimi. Disappointing amount of salmon slices, although we were expecting more for a portion of 5.
Rating: 6.0/10

Condiments for the Prosperity Yu Sheng.

Cheese baked lobster. Sarawakian lobster is succulent and meaty but could load it up with more cream & cheese fillings, that would make the whole dish much more savoury. It's cheese-baked ... I expected alot more than this, mediocre amount. A reminder, order lobster originating from Australia, if you are going for sashimi or soup-based, otherwise just go for those from Sarawak. Aussie lobsters are twice as costly. Rating: 7.0

How ironic that we are actually feasting on lobster in the year of Dragon. 尽存的龙(虾)尾, 龙年吃龙虾。。。罪过罪过。 哈哈 ! 人真的是民以食为天

Fried vermicelli 炒面线。火候拿捏的很好,料给个不少,味道也很不错,可是面线就是应该长长的,却被炒到有点散掉了,碎碎的。Rating: 7.0/10.

Nice, crispy stir fried vegetable that taste just as good with minimal seasonings and condiments added. 清炒贵妃苗炒到很清脆可口,简单的一道菜没加什么调味也可以那么好吃。 Rating: 7.5/10.

Cantonese-styled steamed bamboo fish's silky smooth meat, is definitely worth its price tag. Just in case you think the lobster must have cost quite a bit, think again. It actually cost more than the lobster. The soy sauce coupled with a tinge of sweetness, is enriched with the freshness from the fish, and I could fill my stomach with a light drizzle of it atop my bowl of rice and eat it on its own. 港蒸笋壳鱼非常新鲜,厚厚的肉质也很滑嫩,搭配上那咸中带点甜味的酱汁,把那鱼的鲜味都整个带出来了。如果不想把那酱汁浪费掉,还可以叫碗白饭,淋上去。单是配饭这样吃都觉得很美味。 Rating: 8.5/10

The smooth & thinly layered skin is no doubt a delicacy for those who can appreciate it. 爱吃鱼皮的人,肯定会爱上这薄薄,滑滑,入口非常顺的鱼皮。

Price: 6.0/10
Service: 8.0/10
Conclusion: Standard of food seems to have declined but I still retain my vote of confidence for it, partly due to the festive period and the accompanying throngs of diners. Standard is bound to dip and even the usual impeccable service level is not spared. I shall keep faith with my highly rated opinion of them, until my next visit.

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